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Please report your promotional activities!

The Untapped project isn’t just about rescuing culturally important lost books: we’re also conducting vital research into the economic value of library promotion of books, the relationship between library lending and ebook sales, and the value of reverted copyrights to authors. The success of this research depends on libraries letting us know how they’re promoting these books. Please support this crucial work by regularly using our quick and easy online form to tell us about your promo activities!

Note: this is an embedded Qualtrics form, which puts your data in a format that facilitates our research. Unfortunately though, it can be a little flaky – especially via Firefox. If it doesn’t load, please try opening this page in a different browser.


The Untapped Collection will be available for public libraries to license from Bolinda BorrowBox, OverDrive and IndyReads, and we’re currently negotiating to make it available via university libraries too.

Licensing options

In all cases, the Untapped books will be made available for simultaneous access, meaning multiple patrons can check out the same book at the same time. This makes our titles suitable for initiatives like town or state-wide book clubs.

In other respects, the license terms differ slightly depending on platform capabilities:

OverDrive and IndyReads: per loan licensing, charged at $1.50 per loan. This enables public libraries to hold the entire collection and only pay for what gets used. Per loan licensing was one of the major things librarians told us they were interested in trying when our research team conducted a nationwide survey about how libraries choose ebooks for lending.

Bolinda BorrowBox: $20 for 20 loans, with no time expiry. This option is offered because BorrowBox does not yet support per loan licensing.

University libraries: stay tuned – details to follow.

AustLit Exhibition

AustLit has created a special Untapped Exhibition, accessible here.

This Exhibition complements the Untapped project’s website and purpose: just as Untapped works to identify Australia’s lost literary treasures and bring them back to life, AustLit works to record the publication history of Australian works, helping to prevent them from becoming lost. This exhibition provides valuable additional context for the works in our collection, which libraries may find useful to their promotional efforts. (Source: AustLit)

More info for libraries

We held an informational webinar for libraries in October 2021. If you missed this and would like to access the recording, please email info [at] from your official email address, and we will send you a link.

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