Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

by M. Barnard Eldershaw

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Book Cover: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

A novelist from the future writes an historical account of our past in this science fiction classic.

A science fiction novel that tells of a 24th century writer and his historical novel of 20th century Australia. Critic Colin Steele, writing in The Canberra Times, called Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow an ‘undoubted classic of Australian literature’. Steele went on to state that Eldershaw’s ‘description of the Depression years and the rise to power of Fascism in the context of a group of working-class Australians stirred Patrick White to state that this was the Australian novel he most wished to see re-published.’

Originally published in 1947 as Tomorrow and Tomorrow, and heavily censored by the Australian Government, this edition is based on the 1983 edition—reviewed by Steele--in which the cuts were reinstated.

M. Barnard Eldershaw was a pseudonym of Marjorie Barnard (1897–1987) and Flora Eldershaw (1897–1956). They wrote satire, historical fiction and science fiction, and their novels include A House is Built (1929), and Plaque with Laurel (1937), Tomorrow and Tomorrow (1947)—as well as Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow (1983).

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