Ride on Stranger

by Kylie Tennant

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Book Cover: Ride on Stranger

An Australian classic from award-winning author Kylie Tennant. 

The compelling, heart-wrenching tale of Shannon Hicks, unwanted as a child, and now trying to find where she belongs. Set during the Marxist movement of the 1930s, award-winning author Kylie Tennant evocatively and convincingly paints Sydney as a city on the brink of revolution. The ever-changing landscape Shannon finds herself in breeds discontent and restlessness—not unlike the times readers find themselves in today.

Kylie Tennant AO (1912-1988) is best known as the author of the novels The Battlers (1941), winner of the ALS Gold Medal in 1942, Lost Haven (1946) and this one, Ride On Stranger, first published in 1943.

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Published by Untapped: the Australian Literary Heritage Project

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One thought on “Ride on Stranger

  1. I love Kylie Tennant. I’d love to see a digital copy of Lost Haven available. Our local library in Port Macquarie NSW has a copy signed by the author which could possibly be used as a source. It’s set in a fictionalised version on our area drawing on the author’s experiences while living in the region. I’ve tried to find another new or second hand version online with little success and it would be a tragedy if this book was to “go extinct.”

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