Letters from Smike

The letters of Arthur Streeton, 1890-1943

by Arthur Streeton

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Book Cover: Letters from Smike

This fascinating collection of letters from one of our best known painters is ideal reading for anyone interested in Australian art, history and culture. 

Arthur Streeton, a founding member of the Heidelberg School of painters, remains one of Australia’s best known artists. He was also a prolific, engaging letter writer. This collection includes letters to fellow artists Tom Roberts, Lionel Lindsay, Frederick McCubbin, Julian Ashton, George Lambert and Sydney Ure Smith. It offers an invaluable record not only of the life and opinions of one man, but of artistic and cultural life in an Australia emerging from the British shadow. 

With pictures selected by Oliver Streeton, Arthur Streeton’s grandson, Letters from Smike was first published in 1989. 

Editors Ann Galbally and Anne Gray are renowned experts in Australian art and both have published extensively in the area. Ann Galbally is a former academic, and Anne Gray is the former Head of Australian Art at the Australian National Gallery. For more information about Anne Gray visit kidsartbooks.com.au.

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