Canberra Tales


by Margaret Barbalet, Sara Dowse, Suzanne Edgar, Marian Eldridge, Marion Halligan, Dorothy Horsfield, Dorothy Johnston

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Book Cover: Canberra Tales

An authentic taste of life in the nation's capital from seven acclaimed women writers.

'This book is a collective effort. In 1980 some of the writers met for the first time to form a writers’ group. The group, “Seven Writers”, now flourishes and gives each member the necessary support and critical encouragement to develop her own and the others’ work. When the group formed no one had published more than a few short stories or poems.’ — From the Introduction to Canberra Tales, first published in 1988 and reissued in 1995 as The Division of Love.

Canberra Tales offers an authentic taste of life in the nation’s capital during the 1980s, as well as the work of each of its members: Marion Halligan, Dorothy Johnston, Margaret Barbalet, Sara Dowse, Suzanne Edgar, Marian Eldridge and Dorothy Horsfield. Between them they have gone on to produce works that have received critical acclaim and won, or been shortlisted for, multiple prestigious awards.

Marion Halligan, Sara Dowse, Dorothy Johnston and Margaret Barbalet all have other books in the Untapped Collection.

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About the Authors

Margaret Barbalet

Sara Dowse

Suzanne Edgar

Marian Eldridge

Marion Halligan

Dorothy Horsfield

Dorothy Johnston

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