Barefoot and pregnant?

Irish famine orphans in Australia

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Book Cover: Barefoot and pregnant?
Part of the Irish Famine Orphans in Australia series:
  • Barefoot and pregnant?

An invaluable resource for Australians interested in, or researching, Irish family history.

Important account and record of survivors of the Irish Famine sent to Australia between 1848–1851. Introduced and compiled by Trevor McClaughlin. First published in 1991.  

Historian Trevor McClaughlin is the author of From Shamrock to Wattle (1985; 1990) and the editor of Irish Women in Colonial Australia (1998). He has also compiled a second volume of Barefoot and Pregnant? Irish famine orphans in Australia, which is currently being digitised.

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  1. I am looking for the E Pub of Barefoot & Pregnant and when I go to page it tells me it is not available although it is listed as being digitized.
    Could somebody assist and let me know if and when it will be available as I would like to purchase it please.
    Many thanks and Happy Christmas

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