A Little More

Celebrating a life of letters

by Margaret Scott

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Book Cover: A Little More

A collection of Margaret Scott’s writing and tributes celebrating the life and work of this Australian cultural icon.

In 1999, Margaret Scott contributed an essay to 40 Degrees South magazine. It began, ‘If The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald are to be believed, I have, late in life, changed from being “a little known poet” to a “cultural icon”.’ This collection of her essays, poetry, extracts from her books and tributes from her friends celebrates a woman comedian Mikey Robins describes as ‘a bloody legend’.
A Little More was first published in 2005, shortly after Margaret Scott passed away. She was involved in the selection of the pieces.
Margaret Scott (1934–2005) was an award-winning poet, academic, novelist and non-fiction writer. She was awarded the Centenary Medal for outstanding contribution to Tasmanian literature.

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